Aesthetics Services

30 Minute Express Facial$25.00Brow Design$15.00
Hydra Refine (30 min.)$25.00Brow Wax$10.00
Hydra Dew (30 min.)$25.00Tweeze (per area) $5.00
Seaweed Facial On the Go (30 min.)$25.00Lip Wax$10.00
Classic European Facial (60 min.)$40.00Chin Wax$10.00
Spa Back Treatment with Hot Rocks (60 min.)$45.00Cheek Wax$15.00
Salt Buff and Glow Tan (90 min.)$50.00Back or Chest (starting at) $40.00
MicroCurrent Skin Firming Treatment (60 min.)$40.00Toes or Fingers$7.00
MicroCurrent Skin Firming Express (30 min.)$30.00Underarms$12.00
Microdermabrasion (60 min.)$50.00Full Arms$18.00
Glycolic Acid Treatment (30 min.)$45.00Full Legs$30.00
Seaweed 4-Layer Facial (1 hr.)$45.00Stomach$10.00
Classic European Facial (1 hr.)$40.00
Hydra 4 Refine (1 hr.)$40.00MicroCurrent Skin Firming Treatment (1 hr.)$40.00
Hydra Dew (1 hr.)$40.00MicroCurrent Skin Firming Express (30 min.)$25.00
Hydra Medic (1 hr.)$40.00*Clients may wear their own bikini for body treatments. Do not shave legs or underarms prior to treatments.
VC-5 (1 hr.)$40.00
Hot/Cold Stone Facial (1 hr.)$40.00Pomegranate Exfoliant Body Glow (1 hr.)$45.00
Hot Stone Back Treatment (1 hr.)$45.00
Pepsin & Papain Enzyme Facial (30 min.) (Non-Sensitive Skin Types, Deep Poor Cleansing)$30.00Seaweed Body Mud (1 hr.)$45.00
Pumpkin Facial (30 min.) (Mature, AHA Exfoliation)$30.00Hydration Herbal Wrap (1 hr.)$40.00
Tomato Enzyme Facial (30 min.) (Oily, Natural Anti Oxidant)$30.00Sun Kiss Body Tanner (1 hr.)$40.00
Glycolic Acid (30 min.)$45.00
Salysilic Acid (30 min.)$45.00Day Time Make-up Application$15.00
Jessner Application (30 min.)$45.00Bridal Make-up Application$25.00
Melanin Suppressant (30 min.)$45.00Lash or Bow Tinting$15.00
Customized Peel (30 min.)$45.00Artificial Lash Application$10.00
Microdermabrasion (1 hr.)$50.00
DermaPlaning with acid (30 min.)$50.00Relax it all away with a Classic European Facial & Hydration Herbal Wrap$80.00
MicroPlaning Facial (1 hr.)$40.00
Rejuvenate; pamper yourself to the Hydra 4 Refine Facial & Exfoliant Body Glow
Health Challenge Facial (1 hr.)$40.00$85.00
Health Challenge Express Facial (30 min.)$25.00Retreat (Indulge yourself with a Seaweed 4-Layer Facial, Seaweed Body Mud & Brow Shaping treatment

<em>All services performed by students under supervision of licensed instructors. All prices subject to change without notice. Aesthetics Services only available at the Albuquerque campus at this time. Some pamper bar services may be available at other locations. Please call school location nearest to you for availability.</em>